April 30, 2018

HP Color LaserJet , and series printers Simultaneously press and release the Go and Cancel Job buttons on the control panel to print a Configuration page and Supplies Status page at the printer. This test allows you to stop the paper anywhere along the printer’s paper path. Press for more information. Diagrams, Main Parts, Figure Location Of Main Parts Diagrams Main parts Figure Location of main parts fuser sleeve pressure roller transfer charging rollers ETB belt separation pad multi-purpose tray pickup roller main thermistor sub thermistor thermoswitch 10 cassette pickup rollers Chapter 7 Troubleshooting C The heater temperature control circuit is shown in Figure

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Setting An Ip Address 3. Note The internal components of the sheet paper feeder are mounted on the underside of the top plate. Software Application Problems Software application problems Unable to change system selections through software Cause Solution System software changes are locked out by Consult with your network administrator. Whenever the printer is up, not busy, laserjdt has no pending warning messages, the status message Hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 is displayed if the printer is online.

Hp color LaserJet 4600 User Manual

Installing the print cartridges Open the top cover. If the subnet mask address is Laserjer private job can also be deleted from the printer control panel. Continuous self-test Turn the printer power off. Content on this site is subject to copyright laws.


Printer information pages From the printer control panel, you can print pages that give details about the printer and its current configuration. Light image Table Causes for light images Cause Solution Image density is not adjusted correctly. HP Color LaserJet and series printer. Timeout or the current idle timeout. Note If the media tears, make sure that all media fragments are removed from the paper path before resuming printing.

Spot colors are specially created colorants. HP is aware of the 55 vulnerabilities commonly referred to hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 “Spectre” and “Meltdown”.

Paper is skewed Table Causes for skewed paper Cause Solution Paper dust or dirt has accumulated in the cassette Clean the rollers.

Open the front cover. Note If you have used previous HP LaserJet printers, you might be accustomed to configuring Tray 1 to first mode or cassette mode. Printer Basics Printer basics This chapter hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 information on setting up your printer and laesrjet familiar with its features.

HP Use pages. Use a driver for this printer.

Lift the top cover of the printer. Configure the card either through the control panel or with HP Web Jetadmin software.

HP Printers

Accessories Printer hard disk, which provides storage for fonts and macros as well as job storage; standard on HP Color LaserJet hdn. Figure Cam and gear alignment Paper feeder pickup rollers The procedure for removing the sheet paper feeder pickup rollers is essentially the same as for the cassette Tray laserjef pickup rollers.

Page – Table Hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 for jams in the top co Diagnostics menu The diagnostics menu allows you to run tests that can help you identify and solve problems with the printer. Press to enter the Press to highlight Press to select Press to highlight Press to select The message appears on the display until the printer finishes printing the event log.

Lift the fuser hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 completely, and pull on either of the orange tabs to remove the fuser packing tape and plastic shipping locks. Quick access to printer information Where to look for more information Printer configurations Printer features Walk around Control panel overview Control panel buttons Interpreting control panel indicator lights Control panel menus HP Color LaserJet series printers.

Page Message Description Action A menu selection has been saved. See Figure on page 74 for more information. Page Halftone options Ph options affect the resolution and clarity of your color output. If the media cannot be accessed from this location, close the transfer unit. For information about loading envelopes, see hp color laserjet 4600 pcl 5 section in the online user guide about loading envelopes into Tray 1.

Single and Multifunction Printers | HP® United States

Use the repetitive defects ruler on the next page Figure to measure the distance between defects that recur on a page. Four levels of edge control are available: Paper transport troubleshooting If media is feeding incorrectly, use the information in this section to identify and resolve the problem.

Resets Menu Resets menu The resets menu allows you to reset factory settings, disable and enable Coloe, and update the printer after new supplies are installed.