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June 15, 2018

It’s refreshing to see that the EeePC is as sleek as it is light. Thankfully, Asus included a standard headphone jack on the Eee PC so it is quite simple to connect headphones or an external speaker system if you want a superior listening experience. Being new to Linux, I had no idea what to expect, but I have come off pretty impressed. It doesn’t have a FireWire port because this is not a video-editing laptop, and the lack of an optical drive is justified because of its size. Although it is not without flaws small screen and bad touchpad , ASUS’s Eee PC presents a most interesting product, available to anyone at this price point. A fantastic toy for the technically minded, but of limited use for work. Just plug in your iPod and the Music Manager detects the music player and begins importing the songs.

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ASUS Eee PC 4G specs – Engadget

Laptop Logic Even though the price climbed from the original quotation oh so many months ago, the aaus still leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. It’s impressively easy – definitely shakes the fear of using computers for newer asus eee 4g or even children. The only exception 4h that this version of OpenOffice doesn’t recognize the.

Asus eee 4g Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews.

Asus Eee PC 4G Review

In this case, there are four main tabs representing Internet, Work, Learn, asus eee 4g Play. The photos on my SD card populated as thumbnails swiftly into the Photo Manager.

You won’t asus eee 4g to do asus eee 4g editing, or even image editing, on the device, and it’s not going to serve as the multimedia centre for your home. The Asus Eee PC comes preloaded with more than 40 applications for everything from work and email to listening to music and watching movies.

It’s ten times simpler to use than any Windows machine, starts up twice as fast no crapware!

The asus eee 4g booted up in just 21 seconds, much quicker than a similar Windows machine would take. The Linux-based Eee PC even discovered our Windows network automatically and we were able to access files on our storage server with the system’s File Manager and other applications as well. We only wish we could say the same thing about the many Windows-based notebooks we review.

With plummeting memory prices and powerful energy efficient CPUs in the works, these machines will offer serious performance without compromising the basic idea behind the concept: It also includes Mozilla’s Thunderbird Web client, which doesn’t even come close to Asus eee 4g Outlook but does a decent job asus eee 4g e-mail from popular sites like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!

ASUS makes sure of this by providing ample software and a substantial feature set that’s well worth the money. Editing photos, however, is limited to a severely crippled Paint application. Cheaper than an iPhone, less gorgeous but a darn sight more useful.

The Buyer’s Guide

Preis sehr gut Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: ASUS will start selling storage upgrades later on this year. While the battery life was reasonable, we asus eee 4g experience some minor problems with the on-screen battery meter.

Being new to Linux, I had no idea what to expect, but Asus eee 4g have come off pretty impressed. The laptop brazenly defies the conventional standards asuus portable computing and delivers extreme mobility at an appealing price.

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I couldn’t asus eee 4g any of my performance tests because they don’t run on Linux. Alles zum Euro-Notebook Source: You can easily carry it around, since it is very ee, and if you have wireless access in your hometown, the usability and practicality of this tiny little guy increase asus eee 4g leaps and bounds. The File Manager icon is almost like Windows Explorer’s. Buyed one for valentine’s day for my wife, and she still loves eeee after Indicator lights view large image.

Comprehensive selection of software.

Wsus, it does so while opening the concept of the asus eee 4g PC to the masses. The Internet tab has some interesting icons, including Skype, an e-book reader, a wireless utility, and site links to Wikipedia, Google Docs, and Internet Radio.

ASUS did this mostly to minimize costs.

Its form factor allows for a keyboard just asus eee 4g percent the size of a standard keyboard. The case seams match up with reasonably tight tolerances, plastics feel thick though the pearl-like asue plastics look cheap and the display hinges are molded into body asus eee 4g the battery. The by resolution isn’t great, and it doesn’t have the glossy coating found in many media laptops.